Want to bet on your mobile phone, but not sure how to do it or which site to use?

Then look no further than WAP Betting. We explain the jargon and review all of the major bookmakers WAP sites, to find out the best places for placing bets on a mobile phone.

Almost all mobile phones can access what are called WAP sites. Essentially these are streamlined web sites with a simple text based interface suitable for a mobile phone.

On our bookmaker review pages you'll find pictures of how each of the WAP sites would look on your phone, and a large number of the pages also contain WAP emulators which allow you to actually try out the WAP betting sites on your PC, and see how easy it is to bet on your mobile phone.

We also have sections explaining the technical details of WAP betting and some advice on the best mobile phones to use, and have recently added a section specifically on betting Iphone Apps. Betting on a mobile phone has never been easier!!